Description of job/position

We are looking for a proven October CMS developer to work on contract and ad-hoc projects for internal projects. Well spoken English is vital and proven experience in October CMS, Laravel, VueJS, Sass, PHP and JavaScript are essential as these will be your key responsibilities. 

You will be assessed on your technical skill through a practical brief.

We have backlog with tasks. First task would be to integrate XML-powered 3rd party API. We are looking for long-term relationships for candidates who will be able to implement and meet our terms of the first task.

Experience & Requirements

- 5+ years’ work experience with PHP and JavaScript.
- 4+ years’ work experience with HTML5 and CSS3.
- 4+ years’ work experience with frameworks like Laravel.
- 3+ years’ work experience with OctoberCMS and VueJS.
- Experience with GIT and version control is vital.
- Experience with AWS, Docker, and Ubuntu command line essential.
- Strong understanding of Object Oriented and Event Driven Programming.
- Excellent command of English and communication is of critical importance (you might be coding but communication and understanding is vital).


- Code development and architecture based on development lead specifications.
- Converting design changes and UX requirements into front-end and back-end code.
- Building websites and web applications with frontend and backend code, dependent on the project and your role in the team per project.
- Working with October CMS, PHP, Laravel, and VueJS.