Description of job/position

I need optimization, acceleration, protection and updating of my project

October CMS(PHP/Larovel)

Experience & Requirements

It is necessary to optimize the location of all IT project files, speed it up as much as possible, and update the program language to the latest version.

It is necessary to install a powerful financial database protection plugin (pixel, sum, kiviruble).

It is necessary to add a separate plugin to the admin panel, which constantly monitors all movements of pixels and sums between wallets and on the exchange according to technical instructions, and if an error occurs due to a large load or the Internet, it will send an emergency signal with detailed information about the situation;

The appearance and the Exchange (platform) section should be designed in a modern style (day and night on a black and white background).

The Exchange (platform) section should include the latest positions of the cryptocurrency exchange, three different types of stock candles.

Adding to the system user registration system the ability to immediately become a member of the site through various social networks,

Payment systems Yandex and Qiwi in payment systems must be made visible in the Admin Panel report.


The project was written in Ostober CMS in 2018 and takes up 20GB of hosting space.

This is a home-mode cryptocurrency project, this is the sisilka: For the implemented work of the Mobile version of the site, an API must be released:

this is a tit:

The implemented work must not disrupt any existing functionality.