Proof of Concept - Multi Site

Description of job/position


  • 19 current sites and growing (Drupal, wordpress, Umbraco, custom cms, .net, unstructured php)
  • Lots of shared content on some of the sites
  • Some sell product and have a search engine (elasticsearch)
  • Blogs and news articles on a third of the sites
  • Company profile for staff on half the sites (with different staff per site / brand)

Experience & Requirements

No interest in styling / design at all at the moment, this is just a proof of concept to evaluate which platform is best, UI / UX this will be done by an agency. Looking for core structure / proof of concept to be approved by Director of Software, Developers, Marketing execs responsible for the sites. Not really interested in the content, beyond some generic text. Upon passing proof of concept will be looking for a long term contractor to work on the project, 6-9 months.

Currently have a few projects using laravel so want to explore if OctoberCMS is the best fit for this project

Examples of some of our sites:

  • 4 Separate sites on different domains
  • All have their own main page with different navigation
  • using same type of menu, with different content per site
  • Different content blocks down the page, e.g. the home page on 5 of the sites could have 3 shared content blocks (with dynamic brand name / logo) and 3 blocks specific to that site
  • Same footer BUT with different content dependent on domain
  • Links for modern slavery, privacy policy, t&C, cookie policy etc
  • These pages should be mostly the same content but with "dynamic" content for company name, company logo
  • footer will have dynamic content to the shops / regions
  • footer will have links to news articles (controlled from CMS as to which ones on which site)
  • Ability for marketing exec to create new page, setup URI's etc
  • generic form which will be used in many places in different ways across the site (e.g. viewing request, valuation request, auction enquirer)
  • API's will feed data into some of the sites for the current stock, this changes minute by minute ... served by elastic search ... I do not see this as part of the proof of concept really past the ability to have a page with content on
  • Ability to script creating a new site from any other site template. e.g. duplicate and simply change the branding. Most relevant to the agency sites, most likely needing a "config page" for logos, name, main address, company number, main email etc
  • media library for all assets
  • sitemap capabilities