$50 CAD / hr (~$40 USD). 140 hours have been planned.

Description of job/position

We’re rebuilding an internal web application used for our Experiential Marketing operations that involves everything from staff & project management to scheduling to asset / inventory management to payroll. We’re looking for an experienced OctoberCMS developer to help our two internal developers complete the project in the specified time frame (March 31st). The project has been planned out with a detailed data schema & task listing, we just need an extra set of experienced hands to contribute to completing the tasks to meet the project deadline.

We’re looking for a commitment of roughly 10 hours a week.

Experience & Requirements

Experienced and good at developing web applications in OctoberCMS. If you’re an existing contributor to the OctoberCMS project that’s a major plus but not a hard requirement. We will need to see examples of code that you have written for OctoberCMS or Laravel projects and ideally a portfolio of past projects.


You will work with Captive's Manager of Development (and OctoberCMS' core maintainer) Luke Towers to implement defined tasks within the project scope.